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how to promote your music on instagram threads app 2023 updatehow to promote your music on instagram threads

The instagram thread app seems very promising and as an upcoming singer who hasn’t been discovered yet, new social media platforms are good for business because they are going to help you promote your music to potential audience, so on this blog we are gonna give you ways on how to promote your music on instagram thread app for free.

If there is one way an upcoming singer can be discoverd in 2023, it has to be on social media because a lot of big singers like Asake , Odumodublvck and more were all discovered and made it big through social media so if you are upcoming singer you are on the right place, just sit back and read through this blog to discover the opportunity mark Zuckerberg has provided for you by introducing instagram threads app and how you can use it to promote you music.

Fist of all, let’s discuss the relevance of instgram threads app and how it can help you promote your music easily.

What is the relevance of Instagram threads app?

There is so much of relevance on the instagram threads app beacuse it stands as a new opportunity to upcoming singers and fresh content creators who have struggled to get engagements previously on other social media platforms and will help them to buld a fresh start, engage with new audience and promote their contents or music easily.

The instagram threads app recorded 10 million signups including celebrities and big record label owners on the first 7 hours after launching it, so without doubts the instgram threads app seems very promising to upcoming singers because they might as well get discovered by any record label over there.

5 features about Instagram threads app:

  1. you can include links.
  2. you can upload videos of up to 5 minutes long.
  3. you have 500 characters limit to write your captions.
  4. you can upload up to 10 photos in a single post.
  5. you can share your post to other social media platform or via email.

now let’s dive into how to promote your music on the instagram threads app.

How to promote your music on instagram threads app (details)

Just like twitter , the instagram threads app has many beautiful features that can help you promote your music as an upcomig artiste but the difference it has from twitter is that it is very new and we all know that majority of the world’s population loves new things, even though the app hasn’t gotten features like DMs or post editing options yet it is still relevant simply because it is new and a lot of people are diving.

How to promote your music on instagram threads app step by step:

  • first of all you need to download the instagram threads app on google play store if you are an android user or on the ios store if you are an iPhone user.
  • Then create a new profile by signing up but if you already have instagram on your mobile phone you don’t need to create a new threads profile because you will automatically be signed up into a new threads account through your Instagram account and your already existed Instagram followers will automatically be following you on the threads app and you will also automatically be following those you follow on instagram too.
  • make sure your music is properly mixed and mastered because sometimes some of these platforms might have effects on the quality of your audio output.
  • Create a video clip of about 5 minutes performing your song at home, studio or anywhere and post it on the Instagram threads app.
  • make sure to focus more on tagging influencial people that has plenty of followers on the platform because as soon as they like, repost or comment on your post their followers will also see your post.
  • Make sure you also have your songs on music streaming platform like spotify so that you can also include the link on your post to enable people to fined your music easily but if you don’t have your songs on Spotify click here let’s show you how to upload your song to spotify for free.
  • Always be consistent in doing good music, uploaing it on music streaming platforms and posting them on the platform. you shouldn’t be shy of it because this is one of the easiest ways to get people to listen to your songs without even paying a dine for it.

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secerts on how to get streams on spotify

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