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How to get free visa to study in Netherlands whithout stressHow to get free visa to study in Netherlands whithout stress

On this article, we are gonna expalin how you can apply for free visa to study in Netherland.

So if you want to go to Netherlands as self-sponsored students you should know that you will have to pay at least 75 percent of your tuition because the universities are the ones that will get you a free visa to study in Netherlands, when you get admission and pay your fee, they will request some identifications document and they will help you with the VISA process. You will also need to submit your passport and they will stamp it.

Read till end for better understanding on how to get free visas to study in Netherlands without going through too much stress.

So a lot of European countries have been experiencing housing crisis because of the war that is going on, what this means is that the houses that are available are quite expensive.

Netherlands is an amazing country and they are currently having a high shortage of workers so there are a lot of job opportunities in Netherlands so sponsoring free visas for foreign undergraduate who wants to study in Netherlands is a big priority for them and as an aspiring student this opportunity actually covers 75 of your tuition, your insurance, your travel expenses and it also covers your Visa and remember that it’s the school that will apply for your Visa so you don’t even need to worry about that and sincerely this is a very competitive opportunity. If you are already done with studies and need jobs here are are top 5 countries sponsoring free work and travelling visas

The first thing you need to put in mind on this scholarship program is that you need to apply to the Universitys direct by emailng them telling them your intention of applying for the program and tell them the course you are areapplying for though some of the universities will be closing very soon so it is very important that you start applying now.

the school will send you email of what you need to do once you get admission and they will now give you the dates once they have processed your free visa to study in Netherlands.

Another important thing is your employer statement which is a document that you you download and give to your employer to fill and please also make sure do your own research on this too.

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